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  • Written by Lilly Miller

Often displayed when two people know each other very well and care deeply for one another, intimacy is one of the most important aspects of a romantic relationship. However, when two people have been married for a while, it’s completely natural for them to slightly drift apart, and lose that initial feeling of infatuation and excitement they felt at the beginning of the relationship. If you want to reignite those emotions and reconnect with your spouse, here are some ways you can improve the intimacy in your marriage:

Focus on emotional intimacy first

A good romantic relationship is based on emotional intimacy, as the emotional connection you share with your spouse is the key to your closeness, affection, and even physical intimacy. In other words, you simply can’t expect to reconnect with your partner physically if a strong emotional connection isn’t present in your marriage at the moment.

For that reason, you should focus on meeting your spouse’s needs and expressing your own needs in a respectful and loving manner, whether that means having open and honest conversations, spending more uninterrupted time together, being more vulnerable, offering support, or even giving out daily compliments and affirmations.

Change up your usual routines

When you’ve been in a romantic relationship for a while, sex has a tendency to become too repetitive, feeling more like a chore than a pleasurable experience you share with your partner. If you want to bring some excitement back into your intimate life, try to vary the frequency of your sexual encounters.

For example, if you rarely sleep with each other, try to initiate sex more often, without coming on too strong. Similarly, if you have monotonous sex too often, take a break every once in a while to give time for lust and desire to grow. It would also be wise to vary the type of sex you have with your spouse. Combine energetic, highly erotic sex with more gentle and tender lovemaking in order to break up your usual routine, as sexual needs can change over time.

Be more experimental in the bedroom

Another way you can reconnect with your partner on a physical level is to experiment with different forms of pleasure you can bring each other. For instance, you can be more open and try out your innermost fantasies and desires, explore different locations and positions that are entirely new to you, or even watch erotic movies with your spouse to get you in the mood.

It would also be a good idea to search for an adult shop where you can find anything from interesting sex toys and fun tools to sexy costumes. Introducing such novelties into your sex life is bound to bring you new levels of excitement and pleasure, while allowing you to get to know each other on a deeper level.

Don’t forget about affectionate touch

Sexual intercourse isn’t the only way you can improve intimacy in a marriage. Affectionate touch is an incredibly important aspect in any romantic relationship, which might serve as foreplay to some, or generally be quite a powerful way to show the true love, care and closeness you feel with each other.

So, try to kiss your partner more passionately on a daily basis, caress their cheeks, give them warm cuddles, offer them a relaxing massage, or even give them a playful tickle. All of these forms of physical touch can help to improve the intimacy and affection in your marriage.

Express your love as often as possible

If your love language is more verbal, on the other hand, then aim to express your love, affection and desire through words whenever you can. Apart from telling your spouse you love them, you can also ask them about their day, engage in deeper and more meaningful conversation and truly listen to them, leave loving notes for them to find, or even send racy text messages throughout the day.

Instead of assuming your partner knows exactly how you feel, make it a point to express your emotions on a regular basis, in order to improve intimacy and keep the flame alive in your marriage.

Your marriage isn’t necessarily doomed if you and your partner are struggling to reconnect on an emotional and physical level. Instead, your relationship can continue to grow if you put in the work to sustain a deep and meaningful bond.

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