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High school is filled with a roller coaster of events, and among those are school formals. Students look forward to them, especially the graduation ball. Making them memorable through fun, creative, and exciting themes is a must. Going above and beyond in decorations and programs is always welcome.

The planning process, however, is not easy. Nailing the details can get overwhelming. Inspiration themes, though, have never failed school ball planners. The list below outlines inspiration ideas for the special day—themes any student would completely dress up for, enjoy with friends, and be proud to capture in pictures and videos. Take your pick!

School Balls Ideas You Should Try

Themes You Should Try

The 1920′s Great Gatsby

Glam vintage never went out of style. To this day, the Gatsby theme is celebrated in many formal events and school balls. Nail it with black table cloths, gold and acrylic crystal accents, and art deco centrepieces. Faux feathers also add another kind of texture. Bring in a huge chandelier, and the interior is complete. Don’t forget to inform your guests to put on flapper dresses, fedoras, bobbed wigs, and pinstriped suits to set the mood.


The 80′s remains an inspiration for many elements in pop culture. Neon colours, leg warmers, hair bands, cropped denim jacket, and big hair can make your school ball an absolute stunner. Try booking a function hall that can cater to vintage arcade games, and everyone will indeed have a blast, paired or not.


A proper masquerade party has guests conceal their faces (and identities) until the final dance. Escape into a night of disguise, costumes, and masks by holding a masquerade ball for your formal. It’s an exciting concept that students can plan with friends and mingle with new acquaintances.


Turn your venue into one large aquarium with an underwater school ball theme. Play with the different blue shades on the drapes, acrylic crystals, and moving backgrounds of sea creatures to set the ambience. Save on decorations by getting creative with jute rope, tinted glass bottles, stones, and sand. For more ideas, visit


The Titanic sinking is maybe one of the most tragic events in history, but the idea of it has been romanticized long enough to last a lifetime, thanks to the classic movie. Many still want a luxurious cruise and fated love that seems to have happened by accident. 

Make the attendees’ fairytale dreams come true by opting for a theme that combines vintage affluence and nautical voyages—plan for a grand dinner with silverware, ceramic plates, large chandeliers, and a boardwalk entrance.


The school ball marks both the end of an era and the start of the path to the future. Students have waited for it for four years. Wanting it to be memorable and perfect is normal. Don’t be too hard on yourself, especially if you’re part of the planning committee. Know that there is always an alternative when the budget and resources do not suffice. Plus, asking for help is never wrong.

We hope the themes above have inspired your concept, be it fun, magical, elegant, mysterious, classic, romantic, laidback, or fairytale-like. 

Don’t forget to cherish each moment, leading to and during the event. It’ll be a memory and learning experience you will take with you to adulthood.


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