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The cost of water in Australia seems to be rising all the time, so it’s becoming more and more vital to save this valuable resource. In this post, we’ll take a look at some handy tips for water conservation within the home, so you can save money on your water bills and not waste a precious drop.

Repair Any Dripping Taps

Dripping taps may not look like they’re wasting much water, but if you really think about even just one tap that’s dripping 24/7, that’s really going to add up.

Go around your home and inspect each and every tap and have any that are dripping or leaking repaired by a plumber.

This doesn’t just apply to indoors. You need to check all outside taps as well to see if there are any drips or leaks.

Leaking Toilets Can Ramp Up Your Water Bills

Sometimes a toilet system can be leaking water without anyone even realising it. Put your ear to the system of each toilet in your home and determine if you can hear even the slightest of water leaks. Major leaks will be more obvious, as you’ll both see and hear the water running into the bowl.

Call in a plumber if your toilet is leaking and have the problem rectified as soon as possible. The amount you spend on the repair will likely be less than the amount you save on your water bills over a period of time.

Install a Water Tank

Water tanks are always a fantastic idea when it comes to conserving and saving water. While you may not drink this water, it can be used for watering the gardens, filing the goldfish pond, washing the car and many other practical uses.

A water tank is an investment well worth considering, so be sure to include it in your water conservation plans. Once you have one installed, you’ll likely wonder how you ever survived without it.

Turn Off the Tap While Brushing Your Teeth

This is a really common occurrence in many homes. You stand at the bathroom basin brushing your teeth with the tap still running.

Once you’ve wet your toothbrush and applied toothpaste to the head, there’s really no reason whatsoever to leave the tap on until you’re ready to rinse.

If everyone in the household gets into the habit of turning off the tap while brushing, over the course of a month, this is going to save countless litres of water.

The same advice could be applied to shaving as well. Leave the tap off until you need to rinse the blade or wash your face or other area you’ve been shaving.

Reduce the Amount Of Time You Spend In the Shower

Using something as simple as a 5-minute egg timer can be really handy to monitor and reduce the length of time everyone spends in the shower.

Generally speaking, 5 minutes should be enough time to have a shower, both soaping yourself up and rinsing off. Showers consume loads of water, so the faster you can get it done, the better it’ll be for your water bills and the environment.

Use a Front Loading Washing Machine

Front loading washing machines are designed to use a lot less water than their top loading counterparts. Many front loading machines are also energy efficient as well, which will save you cash on your power bills. So, double the benefits.

If you’re using a top loading washing machine but want to consume less water, consider switching it for a quality front loading machine.

Have a Plumber Install Water Saving Shower Heads

These heads have been especially designed to reduce the amount of water used for showers by restricting the flow without really reducing the force of the water on the skin. This way, when water reducing shower heads have been installed by your plumber, you’ll still get to enjoy a really satisfying shower without using as much water in the process.

There are also devices that can be fitted to your taps to conserve water as well. It’s worth having these devices installed.

Check for Hidden Water Leaks

Not all water leaks are obvious, especially if a water pipe is leaking somewhere underground within your yard. Search for muddy or damp patches in your front or backyard. Even if you don’t spot any obvious tell-tale signs of an underground water leak, run the following test.

Make certain no one inside the home is using water and also ensure the dishwasher or washing machine is not running through a cycle. Then, go to your water meter and see if the numbers are stationary or ticking over. If they are moving, you have a hidden water leak somewhere.

Time to call in the plumber to find it and fix it.

Hidden leaks are not restricted to being outdoors. They can also occur in a wall cavities or even up in the ceiling, depending on the plumbing design and layout in your house.

Water Your Gardens At the Right Time Of the Day

Watering the gardens or lawn in the middle of the day simply makes no sense. It’s the hottest time and the water will quickly evaporate.

Instead, make it a point to either do the watering in the very early morning, or just before sundown. This ensures your garden and lawn get a good drink without using anywhere near as much water.

Only Use the Dishwasher for Full Loads

Instead of firing up the dishwasher every time you have a few used plates or glasses, wait until you have a full load ready to go so it’s not operating as often. This simple tip can save you litres of water every single week.

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In Conclusion

Water conservation is more about adopting some common sense steps than anything else. There are numerous ways you and your family can save water and money in the process.

If your home is suffering from any plumbing issues, be sure to get in touch with your local plumber and have the problems repaired ASAP.

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