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Many home design experts such as were predicting the trend of grey kitchens for the latter part of 2018, and they are still trending today. Grey kitchen cabinets tend to add an effortless sense of sophistication and style to a kitchen. The complement more furnishing styles and are easy on the eyes.

The Grey Blend Trend

Whether you are into a unique look, the industrial palate or a rustic flavour, grey kitchens tend to go with a wide range of materials. You can have wood and metal and dark grey hues all blending together in your kitchen space that is completely visually appealing.

Many home makeover shows have ridden the trend of a grey kitchen, but it is not just because the grey kitchen appears on television that it has become so popular. The truth behind the trend is that the palette of grey and its many shades are not only wildly popular but also very appealing.

Why is the Grey Palette so Popular?

Grey offers a wider range of choice than having simple white cabinets. The colour is neutral and warm and there are many shades to choose from. You can use a shade that offers warmth or if you want more drama, you can add black accents.

Most people have avoided having a grey kitchen in the past because they believed that it was boring and bland. The truth is that if you do not use a colour correctly, any colour can be boring and bland. When you combine grey with more colours including black and white and a variety of textures including coloured metal and wood, you can create a great deal of interest. Your once boring space will no longer be bland.

Kitchen Cabinets – To Grey or not Too Grey

Grey is most widely used in kitchen cabinetry and is combined with a wide range of finishes including glossy or matte and this can add more impact. Grey cabinets that have a white wall in the background can create contrast and this can be blended with a variety of shades including charcoal which will create extra drama.

Not everyone wants grey on every square inch of their kitchen. They may instead choose some different shades of grey to add a certain hue. You can add a backsplash or a grey-coloured countertop – concrete or marble being the ideal materials to pull this off.

What’s So Great About Grey?

Grey has become wildly popular in kitchens because it adds such drama to metals and when you have certain elements like copper or chrome, these metallic fixtures can pop and create a beautiful look to your entire kitchen. Grey seems to be a timeless colour that will not soon be outdated. Another colour that seems to go well in a grey kitchen is taupe because it can remain neutral while breaking up the colour of the kitchen.

Other Features

When you add in some splashes of bright colours or pastels it can really give a grey kitchen a life of its own. Yellow is always known as an uplifting colour, and other colours such as taupe, bright blue and pink can really make your kitchen incredible if you dare to add such dramatic colours into your scheme. Even just a few small features with bright colours can add a lot of drama and this will make your kitchen extremely unique.

So How Long Is This Trend Going to Continue?

A grey kitchen is something that arrived on the scene a few years ago and may people are really liking it. The environment can be dramatic, or it can be relaxed and there are so many shades of grey that there are countless options. If you would like to have a kitchen that is unique and dramatic, you may consider the trend of a grey kitchen.

Grey is a way to bring drama and excitement to your kitchen. You might think that grey is a boring colour, but when you see the metals and wood and other features of the kitchen together, you will see that it is so much more. You will enjoy your kitchen and embrace the colour grey when you see how much warmth it will add to your home. Many people do not believe that grey is the colour that will change their lives, but this newer trend of the grey kitchen has changed many people’s minds.

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Are Grey Kitchens the Future?

Many home design experts such as were predicting the trend of grey kitchens for the latter part of 2018, and they are still trending today. Grey kitchen cabinets tend to add an effortless sense of sophistication and style to... Read more

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