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No matter how much of a practical person you might be who likes to personally tackle all of your garden maintenance, there comes a time when a job is beyond your means. Maybe you need to remove an enormous tree which involves heavy machinery in a procedure that can prove to be quite dangerous. It could be that you need to trim the branches of a very tall tree and don’t feel comfortable working at such a great height. There are many things to note when selecting professional arborists in Perth to ensure you get the best possible service available. Nowadays there are numerous companies in operation and you need to filter through them. Here are a few of the most important aspects of your search to help you find quality and legit professionals.

Insurance Coverage

Demand to see any insurance coverage which the company claims to have. Failure to disclose any information will be an immediate no-no and should set alarm bells ringing. Even if they do have insurance be sure to examine it and check that it provides coverage in two main areas. Firstly, they should be liable for any potential damage caused during the work undertaken. Secondly, check that they provide insurance to compensate any employees who suffer injuries on site and not yourself. Providing they can demonstrate this type of coverage only then should you even consider proceeding further.


As well as being able to provide evidence of insurance cover, the service providers will be able to show their full licensing and certification upon request. As before, any failure to disclose this information means they should be immediately checked off your list of potentials. By only using fully certified arborists you will guarantee a level of quality and will be safe in the knowledge that they are fully trained to do the work at hand. Not only this but they will likely be using more up to date methods and equipment.


Talking of which you should make note of the range of equipment and tools the service provider has at its disposal. A wider range will be a sign of a successful company and it will allow you to get precisely what you want done the most efficient way possible. Note the appearance and general condition of it as well as whether they look well serviced and safe. The team should also be making use of all the relevant personal safety equipment at all times and this should be a reflection of the professionalism of the business.


Do as much research as possible regarding company recommendations and referrals. Go through their websites and read through as many as possible particularly those relating more specifically to the work you will require. Beyond that, ask your friends and family. Find out if they can recommend any arborists to approach or even to avoid. Word-of-mouth recommendations go a long way and you might just need to ask a few questions to save yourself a lot of research time.

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