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The reason for many of life's failures is discomfort in a person's state of mind. In a changing external environment, we become more irritable and anxious, and even watching funny comedies or playing in the best online casino Canada doesn't help. These tips will help you bring back harmony and balance.

Keep Busy

We have neuropsychic energy that is always being produced in us, but this energy needs to be spent. If we do not find a use for this energy, then all of it goes inside of us and is spent on worries, suffering, fears, memories stored in our brain. That's why you should always be busy doing something. Any meaningful mental load will do: work tasks, helping others, training, household chores. 

In doing so, think of all your activities not as a strap to be dragged, but as useful to others. Any activity you do, even the seemingly smallest one, brings someone benefit and joy. It's important for a person to feel socially relevant, it brings meaning, increases self-esteem, which ultimately leads to mental equilibrium.

Go on an Information Diet

Immerse yourself less in the Internet space. Do not consume information in excess. It's hard for us to control the quality of feelings and emotions caused by the information we receive. As a result, envy, nostalgia, sadness, and forgotten memories are in our head. And unspent mental energy begins to digest all this, taking us out of balance. Make yourself one unloading day a week without gadgets.

It is proven that if you spend more than an hour on social networks, it increases the risk of depression by 2 times. And if you spend more than 4 hours, the risk of depression increases many times over. This is because the brain is complex, it's hard for it to perceive other people one-dimensionally. For full perception, it lacks the physical presence of the person. As a consequence, the brain is more likely to experience loneliness and anxiety.

More Personal Contact

Communicate more often with the people who really matter to you: friends, relatives and loved ones.

For 75 years, a study has been going on to find out what makes people happy. Relationships with other people were the only happiness factor cited by all the participants in the Harvard study. The conclusion of the scientists is that close relationships with 10-15 people are necessary for happiness.


Being active improves your life. In this case, you can:

  • * Engage in sports. Because of the lack of physical activity in the body, neuromuscular tension associated with the suppression of negative emotions accumulates. Convert the energy into physical activity and there will be less energy left for mental anguish.
  • * Take a walk. Walking aimlessly switches the brain and body from obsessive thoughts, puts them in a mode of rest and peace. Walk every day, for at least 20 minutes.

These tips may seem trivial to you, but they have a scientific basis in brain physiology

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