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  • Written by Diana Smith

Offering unique urban living combined with the beauty of nature, world-famous attractions, delicious food, and a distinct cultural experience, Singapore has long been among the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. However, the city-state is slowly gaining popularity among honeymooners as well, with its wide array of wonderful romantic activities ideal for couples who are madly in love. If you’ve decided Singapore is the right honeymoon destination for you as well, here are some of the best things you can do here for a truly unforgettable holiday:

Book an exciting dinner

Most newlyweds are looking for special and unique experiences for their honeymoon that will make for beautiful memories, and what better way to achieve that than by going on a romantic dinner with your significant other, while enjoying the breathtaking views from up top? You can decide to share a gorgeous meal with your spouse in a charming cable car that offers more intimacy and privacy, or even opt for the Singapore Flyer, the largest observation wheel in Asia. Either way, you will undoubtedly be treated to a delicious meal, awe-inspiring city skylines, and some unforgettable memories.

Go on a romantic cruise

In case you prefer to stay grounded, Singapore also offers a number of wonderful cruise options you can experience with your loved one.  For instance, you can decide on a lovely boat cruise down the Singapore River, preferably in the evening, which will allow you to experience the beauty of city lights and the panoramic views from a different angle. If you’re looking for a more elaborate experience, however, opt for a dinner cruise on a luxurious yacht, making for the most decadent and memorable honeymoon experience in Singapore.

Invest in true indulgence

If you want to get a taste of the hedonistic lifestyle, consider spending a few days on the gorgeous Bintan Island, less than an hour away from Singapore. Its pristine white beaches, crystal clear waters and a relaxed, tropical atmosphere were truly made for those indulgent days spent sipping cocktails while lounging on the beach with your loved one. To take this magnificent experience a step further, it might also be a good idea to visit a great sex shop in Singapore before you set off, and stock up on some wonderful toys and tools that will allow you to experience new forms of pleasure on your indulgent honeymoon.

Visit the beautiful gardens

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay are a great place to visit on your honeymoon. Combining the beauty of nature with modern architectural wonders, the gardens offer distinct futuristic tree formations, a gorgeous areal walkway, as well as beautiful views of the nearby Marina Bay, making for a surprisingly romantic attraction. Don’t forget to visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens either, as they’re thought to be one of the most beautiful in the world, while also being responsible for Singapore’s wonderful ‘city in a garden’ nickname.

Go on a unique safari

If you’re a more adventurous couple looking for a honeymoon experience like no other, consider visiting Singapore’s Night Safari for a unique and memorable trip. Being the first nocturnal zoo in the world, the safari offers dozens of interesting exhibits, thousands of beautiful animals you can interact with on your ride, including some endangered species native to the area, making for an entirely different safari experience to anywhere else in the world.

Even though Singapore might not be the most obvious honeymoon destination, the city-state evidently offers a number of romantic activities and experiences that are bound to please any type of couple.

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